How to Effectively Teach the Students for Best Results

What is considered best results? I would say it is that all students learn well, successfully manage testing, and are interested and looking forward to the learning coming from the classroom and the teacher.

To accomplish this, it takes a successful team of administrators and educators working well together, following the same plan, backing each other up, and sharing with each other best practices.

For the student in every teaching setting, there are always 2 basic facets the teacher has to be on point for to guarantee that the student successfully learns. They are the environment and the willingness of the student to learn.

To accomplish this effectively, teachers and administrators will always focus on 2 key areas, 1) managing the classroom well and 2) successfully teaching to many different levels of ‘learners’. We, in the teacher realm know this as successful Classroom Management and successful Student Engagement and Motivation. Proper student engagement and motivation is done through the use of Differentiated Instruction techniques reaching all students at their level of learning so that all students are ‘learners’. Proper Classroom management techniques set up the environment to manage the inevitable struggles that come between Teacher and Student.